Queen in a Home of her Own {Part 2}

by Shelley

The first step.

The first step in this process may surprise you…but it has to do with you, Mom. You need to become a Supervisor. The word supervisor comes from the Latin word Super meaning “over” and visor derived from videre, which means, “to see”. To become a Supervisor means one who oversees the jobs and tasks being done.


Frequently, I hear mothers say, “ I just can’t get my daughter to do a good job on her chores.” When asked if they check their daughter’s assigned chores immediately after completion WITH their daughter they answer no.  What is it about doing a job over, and over, and over again that makes you want to do it right the first time? In the world outside of the home, most jobs have supervisors to make sure the job is done right. It is a great incentive for the daughter to her job right the first time, it is a taste of what she can expect from the real world and should be a vision or trial run on how she will want to run her own home.


A chore chart is my tool of choice for projecting and reminding her of the jobs I wanted my daughter to master. Make chore assignments together and choose what areas you would like her to work on. (If you want a reproducible one order our charts here!)  Remember, when teaching a new skill it is important for her to work with you the first time or so, then observe her doing it, then when you feel she has mastered the task, allow her to do it on her own. But, always, always, check on her work after she has completed her task. This way you can guarantee it is done correctly…. consistently.


The second step is to begin with the basics.

As Margaret Elizabeth Sangster said in her 1900 classic Winsome Womanhood, “ There is much room for tillage in the home vineyard.” In other words, the opportunities presented in learning how to maintain a home offer rich soil in which your daughter can grow. And the basics are the foundation that needs to be cultivated.   The overall goal is for a girl to know how to keep house. It sounds like an old fashioned idea, but even when you have a profession, you still need the proficiently to maintain your home and the possessions you have in it.

Next time we will cover the first of 3 lessons in 3 areas of your daughter’s life!



Do you find teaching your daughter skills easy or difficult?


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