by Shelley Noonan

As our girls go through their days they are reaching toward something, but what is their goal? What are we teaching them to reach toward?

They are striving to be “that” woman. But what woman is that? Is she famous, rich, or an artist, or maybe a teacher. What ever their ideals in life are they can not go higher, so why not teach them to push their ideals to the limits?

As moms we need to help our girls set their ideals on being a woman of  God. Being a woman who is noble, meek, loving, a servant’s heart, and one who follows God. But to reach these ideals means not to just dream but strive daily to attain them.


While our daughters are growing and learning to reach for this “ideal” woman we need to nurture them and help them stay on task. One suggestion to help them stay focused is right down the ideals they want to reach for. What are their goals, who do they want to be. It is said that if you make your goals high kids will reach it, encourage your girls to set their goals high. They can reach them, if they truly want them and know that someone believes in them. Keep encouraging them and guiding them to reach the attainable.


  Kelli is a single, homeschooling mom of one daughter. Her ambition is to raise her daughter for His glory and to encourage others to seek Him with their lives. She loves spending time with her daughter, reading, quilting, exercising and just living life. She lets you peek into her crazy, wonderful world over at Raising an Arrow.


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