How to Make Time for B’twixt and B’tween

by Shelley



Tick-Tock Tick-Tock.

Time, rather lack of time, is one of the main reasons women feel they can not commit to taking their daughter on the journey through beautiful girlhood! In reality, we have each been given 24 hours in our day, and if we live to be about 70 we receive around 25,550 days in our life, and this breaks down to 612,000 hours which filters down to 36,720,000 minute in which to live our lives.   As women, we spend so much time doing busy work, stuff that has to be done…yesterday!

But are we making the best use of our time for eternity?

Wayne Cordeiro‏ said in regard to time management that 85% of what we do can be delegated to someone else. Someone else could do this. 10% of what we do can be done by other if we train them and mentor them in what needs to be done. And only 5% of the things you do in your life can only be done by you.  Mentoring your daughter is included in this 5%. The time you spend walking with her through this study is something that counts for eternity and no one can do it quite like you can Mom!

Here are my suggestions to you regarding making time to go on this journey with your daughter through Beautiful Girlhood and The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood.    It is a pretty simple suggestion. Plan a time. Proverbs 14:22 states “those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness.”

Let me help you with this process of planning.

1. Set aside to look at your calendar. To begin with choose mark out the 32 weeks you will be spending with your daughter. Choose the best day, the best time, and mark it down. Yep, put your intention down on the calendar.

2. These weeks preceding your journey’s onset and along the way, ask the Lord to give you wisdom and insight into your daughter’s heart. Ask Him to show you exactly what He would like you to teach her. Ask Him to prepare your heart to be changed into more of Christ’s likeness.

3. Before your first meeting, set up a special time to meet with your daughter and ask her what she would like to accomplish through this study. True wisdom listens more than it speaks. Listen to the heart behind what she is saying. Perhaps you have a daughter who is quiet and doesn’t easily reveal what is in her heart. Then, lead her gently on this journey. Make certain you discuss what your goals are as well. After all, this is a journey you are BOTH embarking on!

4. Confidently expect God to do amazing things during this time! Ephesians 3:20


Ladies, I am so excited to be on this adventure with you and your daughter.  B’twixt and B’tween mentoring classes begin September 12, 2011. Subscribe for these free classes by going to our blog and putting your email in the area on the right side of the page that says “Subscribe”. If you “like” us on FaceBook you can receive any updates as well!



P.S. If you need info on the direction we are going and the supplies you need click here!


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