How a Book Becomes a Friend

by Shelley Noonan

A book becomes a friend in the same way an acquaintance becomes a friend. Time is the most important ingredient in building a relationship with a person or a book. Reread books that you’ve enjoyed the first time. Reread them again in times of trauma or loneliness. Reread them to your friends or younger siblings. Write your own sequels or alternate endings. Draw pictures of the people or scenes in the book. Decorate your room or sew an outfit that was inspired by the book. Make the book a part of your life just like a friend becomes part of your life.


A friend is someone with whom you share common interests. Find books that are about things that interest you. Find books with characters who care about the same things you care about. Ask your friends for lists of their favorite books. Start a book club. Discuss characters, plot development, and writing styles. Read books about good books and begin to collect them. So many really good books are available only as used books and are becoming more and more rare. Build or buy a bookcase and begin to fill it with favorite books. Make a list of books you’d love to own and use it for gift suggestions.


A friend is someone who delights you. Life is hard, but we’ve been given permission to laugh and enjoy it. Read and memorize funny poems. Laugh at cartoon books like Calvin and Hobbes or The Far Side. Enjoy the antics of Homer Price (author Robert McCloskey), Ramona (author Beverly Cleary), or Freddy the Pig (author Walter Brooks). Characters that brighten our day and lighten our load become friend to walk with through life.


Read books that stir you to serve others. Friends stand together and friends spur each other on to good works. Books that inspire us to go, do, and serve in the Name of Jesus are books that claim allegiance to our hearts.  Read books that make you cry and demand changes. Read books about people who did hard things, people who stood against dishonesty, cheating, betrayal, and theft, people who served others with joy and ended their race well. Don’t be satisfied with lurking on the sidelines. Get in the game! Play well! Strong bonds are built in serving together. Books that give directions for building a life of purpose and passion are books that you’ll keep by you.


Though cakes, cookies, and bread use similar ingredients, it is the proportions that make each distinct. Read different genres of books to develop in different directions. Favorite books, like favorite friends, are going to have similarities but also a delightful uniqueness. Read often, read well, and read with intelligence. You are building lifelong ideas and goals. Choose friends and books with care for a life of challenges, victories, and memories that might someday be written about in a book that will be one of the next generation’s favorites!


Jan Bloom and her husband Gary have a business called Books Bloom and travel across the country sharing their love of living books and and a quality assortment of fine books. You can find her here when she is not on the road!

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Shelley March 20, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Thanks for the input Sarah! Great books certainly can influence us and mold us in the direction of their influence.


Sarah March 15, 2012 at 8:05 am

About a year ago we read the Freddy the Pig books on audio. At Home In Mitford is a good seires too, by Jan Karon, my parents both read those, but my mom didn`t finish the last one because she didn`t want it to end. My younger sister dosen`t like books very much, but I think she would if she really found one that fit her intrest. One book that made a change in my life would have to be The Hiding Place about Corrie Ten Boom, it was sad but it was also encouraging. Thanks again for another great post!
In Christ,


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