Crafty Girls ~ Handcrafted Greeting Cards 10

by Shelley

Here is a simple and easy to enjoy craft on making greeting cards and handcrafted stationary. I know you and your ‘tween will enjoy creating these. Perfect for gifts! Consider making them for Christmas gifts for Piano teachers, Sunday School Teachers, Awana leaders, Grandmothers, Aunts, even for Shelley! {Oh, I wish I had a daughter at home to make these with!} Enjoy your time with your daughter.



  • Plain pack of cards and envelops.  You can find a pack in the scrapbook section of your craft store.
  • Acid free card stock or scrapbook paper.  You can find packs of paper in small sizes or the large size in the scrapbook section of your craft store.
  • Scissors.  For a more decorative touch you can use Fiskars Paper Edgers Scissors.
  • Tacky Glue
  • Embellishments:  ribbon, acid free stickers
  • Alphabet stickers from the scrapbook section of your craft store.


Step 1:  Cover the front of one plain card with a desired page of scrapbook paper.  Then cut to size.  You may find it easier to trace the size you need for a perfect fit.


Step 2: Now it is time to decorate the card.  To add layers find a coordinating sheet of paper.  To make a triangle which highlights the middle of the card (like an opening or a purse) or highlights a corner;  measure out your triangle on the back of the paper selected.



Step 3:  Cut out the triangle using Fiskars Paper Edgers or regular scissors.  If you use regular scissors do not worry about cutting perfectly.  Do your best and then cover the edges with ribbon to add a nice touch and cover any cutting errors.


Step 4: Apply the triangle to your card in the position you desire.

Step 5: You can continue to decorate your card as desired.  As you see the paper I used to cover the card did not cover it completely.  I used the triangle to hide the white edge on one side.  To hide the other edge and to bring more texture to the card I will apply ribbon to the top edge of my card.  I will also add a name to the card.  You can add a name or sentiment to your card.
Tips:  Ribbon, paper and stickers can cover a multitude of sins.  There is no reason to waste materials or stress if you make a mistake.  Find a creative way to cover it.  You may just find your mistake is what made your card special.  Glue Dots are a great alternative to Tacky Glue.  Look in your craft store for ribbon with sticky backs.  This will prevent lumpy ribbon on your card.  However, you will have to use non sticky ribbon for bows.



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Richele McFarlin is an eclectic homeschooler with a Charlotte Mason flair to four children. She spends her days teaching the three “Rs”, tying shoelaces, tackling mountains of laundry and praising God for all the blessings. Find her blogging at Under the Golden Apple Tree. (

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miss kitty March 15, 2013 at 1:49 pm

Wow wow wow sooo nice


Janelle@GraceTags November 16, 2011 at 5:01 pm

What a fabulous idea! They turned out so nicely.



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