Crafty Girls ~ Bare Feet Welcome Wreath 25

by Shelley

Spring didn’t sneak in this year — it leaped in threw open it’s arms and sang “Ta-da!”.

This has been a most unusual month with temperatures above 70 degrees many days in March. My feathered friends have returned to awaken me every morning with their raucous  serenade. As I look out my window, I see our apricot trees are in full bloom and the lilacs are leafing out with promising buds of purple forming and a perfect carpet of tender green grass is forming on my once lifeless lawn. It is bare foot weather in Nebraska.


To celebrate I found this whimsical wreath to make for your front door  created by Patty at P.S. Capture the Details!



Enjoy your craft time with  your daughter!

P.S. Next week I have a surprise for you!


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Sarah March 27, 2012 at 7:15 am

Oh, how cute! I love this!


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