Advice for Girls: How to Apply the Oils of Life

by Shelley Noonan

I can assure you, you and your girls are in for a treat!

I felt we needed to have some expert advice for our girls about how they could apply the Oils of Life.

My friend and teacher, Maria Everding from the Etiquette Institute, graciously  has offered to write this Guest Post. I met Maria about four years ago when I became a certified Etiquette Consultant. Maria Everding was  a creator of this course, my instructor and she has since become my friend!


What makes you feel really good about yourself?  Is it getting an “A” on a test you studied long and hard to pass?  How about going shopping and buying a new outfit?  Or could it be when you do something to make someone else happy?  Maybe it’s when your mom tells you how proud she is of you because you behaved “just perfectly” at a special event?  All of these things are important and would make anyone feel good, however, you have the right to feel good about yourself all of the time and with confidence you will.

So, what is confidence?  It’s a feeling that says, “I am” “I can” “I will” When you are confident you know you’re as good as anybody and better than nobody.  With confidence comes good manners because you know how to act and what to do in all situations. Good manners are kind, polite ways to act while with others.  Others meaning your parents, your siblings, your teacher, your friends everyone you come in contact with. Life would be chaotic without good manners.

Right now you are probably between Barbie dolls and boys and this is a hard time.  Guess who was once your age and experienced the same feelings you have right now?  Yep, it is your mom.  There are days you won’t believe me, but your mom IS your best friend.  She is the one who will be honest with you only because she truly loves you.

So when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, don’t take it out on your mom (or anyone else for that matter) it isn’t her fault.  Before you even get out of bed practice smiling.  Remember a smile is like a boomerang.  If you smile at someone else, that person will smile back at you.  Be ready to give your mom a compliment.  It will “make her day” coming from you.  When she compliments you, say, “thank you” instead of  grumbling. When you get out of the car, thank her or whosever mom is driving.

When your mom goes out of town, write a note telling her to have a good time and that you’ll miss her and put it in her suitcase or briefcase because I can tell you that she will miss you.

Remember — to have a friend, you must be a friend and your mom is your BFF.


Maria Everding is often  referred to as “The First Lady of St. Louis”  and is frequently quoted in newspapers and magazines nationwide, as well as a frequent guest on St. Louis radio and television shows including ABC’s Good Morning America, National Public Radio and the British Broadcasting Company. Maria Everding is the founder and president of The Etiquette Institute where she trains and certifies individuals to become etiquette consultants.


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